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    Please tell me this is not correct 8-|

    I have just checked my booking on Qantas for my flight to Perth and it gives you the option to add 1 Windsurfer. Given I was going to just use my 30kg baggage allowance for my gear I am not sure whether I select this option. I am rather concerned that I am rather buggered.

    My board bag is ~ 245cm * 65cm * 45cm, but when you select the 1 windsurfer option and add in this info I get the message

    • For a windsurfer to be carried as checked baggage it must not exceed :
      - Total dimensions 277cm (length + width + height)
      If the windsurfer exceeds these dimensions it must be carried as freight


    This contradicts their page which just states

    Windsurfer (Sailboard)

    One sailboard kit consists of not more than one board, mast, boom and sail, and the length does not exceed 277cm (109in).

    Anyone taken gear recently to Aus with either Qantas or Emirates and can tell me whether I have a problem?

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    That figure sounds like one copied forward from the luggage rules.
    If they say they carry windsurf boards then 277 is a reasonable limit.

    But if I were you, I'd call airline to check.
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    God they are hopeless aren't they ?
    I'm going from KL to Perth for the Lancelin Ocean Classic and looked at Air Asia, Jetstar and MAS.
    They all have similar wording but (as Basher says) its mumbo jumbo.
    Call the Quaintass Country Manager and tell him you are a competitor. Please Sir can I have an extra 20kg ?
    It sometimes works....

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