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I usually sail a little smaller sail than others and occasionally have a walk of shame.
I think this is good as most sailors use bigger sails than they need. Lots of the old guard never learnt to forward loop because of the small wave boards they they used to sail in high wind. To get those boards to work in b&j conditions you had to sail really overpowered. A typical good sailor style in the 90ties was fast, high jump and fast jibes with a lot of power, but never a forward because learning a forward with that omit of power you had to be a little mental.
The freestyle revolution fixed this. People went on bigger boards and a little smaller sails and suddenly going for forwards was not that scary.

But coming from the synchro to the smaller kode you might have to work more to get the speed you need or maybe you just need to rig a little bigger. If you look at the pwa sailors in pozo and klitmøller they sail with rather small sails but going for a jump they go for something looking like a downwind speed run to build up massive speed before they hit the ramp.