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    Quote Originally Posted by chrispavlo View Post
    you guys seem to be in a rather conservative mood regarding toe-in angles...
    if the fins were 50/50 .. dont think so, if asymmetrical then more toe would work, sometimes conservative is not a bad thing. Using the Ezzy K4s the option exists for 1 2 or 3, so along with 2 degrees box installed.
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    K4 Fins

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    Decided on going with a couple of us boxes and a roll of carbon fibre with some symmetrical k4 Stubbys...12cm front and 16cm stubby rear fin set up. Still not clear on how much toe....the board has got a lot of vee running right back to the tail. Just spent the weekend reading on all the forums and now think I know less than when I started. Seems like most production boards with thrusters have either 0 toe or 1 deg of toe, which I guess is ok for symmetrical fins? ( like I have)

    Anyway just got the router ( makita trim router) and am waiting for the boxes to turn up in the post and then I'll start. Was also eying up the JP fsw101 for box installment. That board has double concaves so I assume the water flow is channelled more towards the tail so not much toe if at all needed?

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