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    Quote Originally Posted by Ola H. View Post
    Custom or production?

    I guess that explains why also boards with multi US-boxes come out pretty light nowadays. A typical installation look like this (and speaking of production errors, note the pvc part that has slipped ot the side of the box). I'm not bashing any particular brands here, we certainly had our share of production problems at Simmer too and I do now know a brand that I have not at least once seen a represented by a badly produced board.
    PVC part noted, as well as the couple of mm gap between the fin box and anything else!

    Also from the pic - I don't like the use of foaming epoxy (assuming it is that rather than a PU alternative, which would be worse!) as an HD core. I can see the benefits for production, but it is so much more brittle and friable than Divcell or Airex that I just don't really understand its choice in an area of the board which needs to be dynamic and take a lot of cyclical loading. On top of that it is soooooooo heavy for a decent strength. Using it to bond in divcell etc. fine, but as a structural element, its not for me.

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    Maybe the foaming whatever is not the best, but I think it does a reasonable job here. In any case, this is an Kode 86 from a few years back and it is a really light construction board, 6.2kg or so for this particular one (note the 3mm sw only all around) and it is not a carbon version. I think it i still impressive that they did not cut down on box construction. This is a type of board which someone might well use with a really large fin. It would have been possible for Starboard to build a lighter box installation and void warranty with bigger fins but they didn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rod View Post
    Interesting about the flex in the technora versions. My technora evo lasted well, unlike most of my boards.
    Im not the only one who snaps boards, one of the local s Wales sailors has 3 quatro quads in about 18 months.
    There are also plenty of pros who snap boards too - you just won't ever hear about it.

    Basically if you want a board that won't snap and has hammer proof ding resistance there is only one brand... As above.
    Yer i agree i tried a Witchcraft in Cabezo last week ,one of the Germans guys let me have ago on it ,sailed nice looked good and i had abit of a smash about on it ,dragged it up the beach ,not mark on it . impressive build . Think i will buy one if i can get the right shape . Ps , The German guy Micheal treated it alot worse then i did just to prove my JP was made from butter compared to his witchcraft . lol.

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