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    Go Pro Studio is really helpful for those totally unfamiliar with editing HD video. It has a number of past Gopro ( i.e. the company) videos which you can use as templates for your own. The software is in fact a simplified version of a package called Cineform which has long been regarded as one of the best lossless transcoders. I only use Gopro Studio as a transcoder but actually edit using Sony Movie Studio V12.

    ( A transcoder is a package that converts the highly compressed format of source video from cameras such as Gopro into a format that is much more user friendly on both software and hardware for editing. In the case of Gopro Studio the transcoder function produces an intermediary file called cineform avi. So I use the first ..convert...stage of Gopro Studio and then import the intermediary avi files to Sony Movie Studio. Go pro Studio also creates active metadata which remains live in both programs if any editing is done on the avi file, so I also usually also do most of the grading in Go Pro Studio )

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    I've started using cute cut on my iPad – it's great for throwing together a few short clips and there is no need to convert the footage you can import it raw.

    I also use Final Cut Pro on a Mac – Which also Accepts the Footage with no Conversion. As I think would premiere cs5 and above.

    If you don't have any of those it is also worth looking at YouTube's own online video editor which does a perfectly good job for a simple edit. I haven't tried, but I suspect you could upload the gopro MP4 files straight onto YouTube into the editor also without converting them.
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