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    Hove Actually

    Sunday 27th October

    West Hove at just gone 9, one out when I arrived. Wind on the inside was patchy and then on the outside it was off/on. More gaps between the white water today, flew out back on a 86/4.0 although spent most of the run in the air, steep wave face again and again.

    Ventured further out back to get the angle to get back to the beach and the waves were 3/4 mast high. Eventually gave in returning back to the launch beach.

    Three kiters out on 7's and watching the kites suddenly drop out of the sky was an indication of just how gusty it was.

    Breakages on the beach one chap with a snapped board after landing to flat from some height, and another with a trashed rig.

    Survival is how I describe my sail today

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    Brandon Bay
    Found shelter from wind and waves.Gave up after a long swim and a earlier broken 3.6
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    Jurys Gap from 10 till 12, right choice of time and place!
    Perfect 3.7 weather for first hour, superb big smooth wave faces and more cross than on wind made for really good riding.
    A bit hairy out the back. Towards 12 the wind really started hammering through and it became survivalist, I packed up instead of going down to 3.3 to get home early and ensure I get a pass for sailing in tomorrows fiasco.

    Plenty down at the beach, moods were high, a really good morning :-)
    * -Scourge of the Seven Seas-*

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    towards the right
    Early session at East Wittering for me (8.00am-ish launch). Rigged a 5.2, launched, and then the real wind came. Just three of us out. Some Dangling Marys arrived too, but soon packed their petticoats away again when they saw what the wind was doing. Getting out back was punishing. Some waves just seemed like walls, and I took several rinsings. Later on the wind eased a little and sailing became a bit less brutal. Once the sun came out, and once out back, the conditions were glorious at times; blue sky and white water.

    More sailors arrived as we left, and the danglies also emerged.
    Eeeh 'tis grim dahn Sarf.

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    Awesome session today. Nice to be out on water with friends. The sun even came out with blue sky ;-)
    Good to see my mate go for a massive backloop! !
    Caught several waves but there was one where the was a defiant wave line and l linked a few turns actuall I counted 5!
    Conditions weren't easy though as wind was very gusty and water was very hectic. I personally found it hard going. I was on 3.7 with quad 65 twin but was struggling in the lulls so changed to 2008 evo 70. This was better through the lulls but was very bouncy in the confused chop. The wave where I got a a few turns was on the evo,I thought to myself the twin would of ripped so much better, but then again would I of been in a position to pick up the wave.. here's a question is it unreasonable to expect a board to handle the chop better and carry on planning through the lulls?

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    Little too windy for me to dangle on my kite

    Helped a couple of mates launch theirs around 09:30, and one came back in and went out on his 5m.

    So we thought we'd wait for the real wind to arrive circa Noon and rig up the Poles.

    I put up my 3.3 and left it rather full as it was only gusting low 40's (see stats), had to then return and add some downhaul!

    Then the wind really started to howl and get up. Waves on the inside were really clean, not massive but in survival sailing mode I wasn't complaining, but once out through the inshore waves heading out the back they deserved respect (although as ever the GoPro doesn't show them like that) and you didn't want to drop a gybe on the face!

    Had a mixture of weather in the short session, sun shine and driving rain.

    Shame was so manic as a little more control (less wind) DTL would have been very good.

    That said, considering I have not been on the Pole for nigh on a year, wasn't too bad.

    Have put together a vid and that's rendering now, so will bung that up shortly.

    Sea's pretty mental now (15:35), and not one kite or sail to be seen!
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    Camber at the dunes. Meant to get there for 10 but the poxy battery in the van decided to let me down so ended up getting there at about 11. Rigged the smallest I currently have 4.2 and walked over the dunes. feck me that was hard enough and walking though the sandstorm to get to the water was nearly impossible! Overpowered but still had fun in survival mode. Gusting 54.3mph whilst we were out.

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