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    windsurfing on BBC1 breakfast news!

    Just now (Sat AM) liked the bit where windsurfing was described as the affordable end of sailing!

    Theres a sailing programme on BBC1 1.30 today, not sure if there's more windsurfing content though.
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    Have to say I thought it was a excellent bit about windsurfing. Showed speed windsurfing.

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    Missed it, but was it the footage from Weymouth this week?
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    Nice to see. Even the bit at Weymouth looked nice in the sun and may have got someone interested in having a go. Shame the 'fast' bits didn't look that fast. Maybe the camerawork?
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    go pro footage allways looks slow even Paul Larsons sailrocket something to do with the wide angle, some of the pro MTB footage is speeded up

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    Yes, it brightened my Saturday morning too!

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