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    Default has very light wind in the far SE of kent now, as is the forecast. That's why I gave it a miss - it's a long drive and I wouldn't have had time to hang around waiting for the wind. Better to work and save some time for next week instead - hopefully

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    Nice to meet you Arf and Scott also I guess Bobert who had to chip off to go to work. Worth getting up early for


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    Haha, good to meet you.. Was wondering if you were a forumer or not!
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    Couldnt make it this morning. Glad (and a bit jealous) that you guys finally got a sprinkling of the westbrook magic dust.

    Roll on more northerlies!

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    Default South Shore

    After work session at south shore- Bridlington

    Sailed till dark great fun 4.7m and 81 - bit light on the inside but it would be churlish to complain.

    Met Colin Dixon who stayed out which was much appreciated!

    Hopefully more tomorrow and Sunday :-)
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    1st great on-side on high-water sess at the Bluff with 5.3 poweredfor a bit of jumping and endless back to fronturns.
    Afternoon was good as well till a mistimed wave360 (i time them seldom correct and even less stick them ) ended in a mastsnapper.
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    Datchet water from 2 til 5. Made the mistake of rigging an 8m at precisely the wrong time, just as the wind started filling in. Spent half an hour battling with it in some massive gusts. Added some more outhaul and dropped the boom, and that helped but it was still much too hard work in the gusts, even though the water was dead flat because of the wind direction. During one gust I knew I was going to lose it so unhooked and found myself doing an inadvertent backwards somersault, and had a flash of the gear and particularly the fin (!) cartwheeling away from me - not quite sure how it happened, felt like the whole lot and me were picked up and dumped!

    So then sensibly changed down to a 6.2, but had only brought my big board 145l and left the 122 and 104 at home, so changed down the fin, and then spent a couple of hours 'enjoying' the gusts and bogging in the lulls. Some of those gusts were ridiculous though, I reckon some of the strongest I've sailed in, but nothing was happening in the lulls. In hindsight I think the 104 would've been too much like hard work, but the 122 would've done the job, but all the forecasts on the day were saying the area was not going to get much - they were wrong! Enjoyable still.
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