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    I had a bad accident in July 2012, another biker rode into my leg. Fractured in 12 places, torn LCL and ACL and lose of feeling.

    So only ride my GSXR750K6 on the track.

    May get a Harley 48 for the road next summer. Something slower so I'm not riding around everywhere at the speed of light.
    Oh dear, this is going to upset Lostboy, someone else talking about Harleys.. So is that you in the pic? Hope you didn't graze your knee too badly
    Four fish are better than two.

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    Haha. Yeh that is me going around Mallory. Nice fast corner.

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    Hi Lee, I did exactly the same as you last year and still very much a beginner. I can look out of the window to gauge the weather at Carsington but you might find the following useful

    I hired boards from there before I took the plunge and bought my own. The course was good and certainly helped me improve.

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