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Thread: Moulay 2014

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    Are there any kiters at Moulay? Hopefully will be road tripping down to Morocco either next summer or the summer afterwards and would like to try out moulay- although sounds like a 3.3 may be a good investment!

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    Not really any kiters there, lots in Essaouira bay though (sand rather than rocks, and a slightly calmer sea state)

    For reference - I'm 93kg and I could have done with a 3.5m at the windiest point of most days! a blog about looping

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    I saw only 2 kiters, but both days when I was there.
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    my success rate is higher

    I have been in Moulay Bouzerktoun 5 times and my "success rate" is very high. I had aprox. 200 days wind for 4.2 m2 and 5 days for bigger sails. These 5 days you could go out with 5.0, but everybody rather stay on the beach and rest.

    Now I am in Moulay again (first time without my van) and I stay in El Mouja Surf House owned by very friendly family serving fantastic tajines and couscouses every evening, must recommand to everybody. .... and very cheap to.

    I have been travelling a lot for last 25 years and Moulay is the best and the most windy spot I have found.


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