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Thread: Moulay 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzabee View Post
    Yes the Moulay nuke royale can be incredible so in the peak of the cycle you need to prioritise early morning and late afternoon/evening sessions.
    yes, the problem is that we had very high/low tide while I was there, so in some cases it was very complicated going out early

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzabee View Post
    Moulay is best at mid tide, but I've never had any problems sailing at high.
    Well I was not 100% confident; only the locals were out, waves seemed much more closer to the rocks

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzabee View Post
    Low tide you need to sail to the upwind break in front of Lawamas where the water remains deep even up to quite close to shore.
    Yes, I've been to the other reef once (Bruno suggested it; it was very low tide, and the wind was supposed to pick up in the afternoon so I went there). It's a very good wave, with lots of flat water in between, the problem is that is choppier than the "regular" reef. It was very good though, not many people and long and "easy" waves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzabee View Post
    Mid nuke yes, which is partly why you need to prioritise morning and late afternoon sessions with a long lunch break in-between. Wait for the evening when the wind veers cross-off then the chop smooths out and if there's a bit of groundswell it can be magical.
    Yes, renting at Bruno's the evening were a little complicated (had to be out for 7-7.30 PM). This was expected; someone (maybe you) already told me that it would have been one of the rental problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzabee View Post
    I love having a ringside seat for all of the crazy aeronautical antics going on around. Never had or seen any problems with close shaves but I can see how you might need to have your wits about you if it is busy 50+ on the water. (not experienced it that busy myself)
    Well my concern was people jumping on the "shorebreak", or say in the first waves they were on. I think at least you should wait to be on the outside... but it was my first outing in such big waves, so maybe everyone does like that? I don't know...

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