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Thread: Gybe analysis

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    Hey you're doing good Jack, gybing on a wave in rough water and staying dry is no mean feat, planing out or not!
    It's just repetition, one day you think you've got them nailed, then the next day the wind is from 15 degrees different angle and you can't make it round one. Or at least that's what it's like for me sometimes.
    So just keep doing what you're doing and gybe as much as possible and they'll just get sweeter and sweeter.
    What does help though is to go in with heaps of speed, and don't try turn all the way round - sail offf the wind to get heaps of speed, then make your gybe go through 90 degrees instead of 180, and then you can fly out bearing off and maintain speed. Really helps to throw the rig around quickly too, it's during the foot switch and rig flip that it's so easy to bounce out the front when the sea is rough.
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    two comments from me

    First, try to throw your trunk a little further forward, this will increase the pressure of your front foot against the strap and will give you extra speed to jibe
    and second you flip the sail a little late, but this has to do with my first comment above.
    If you have some extra speed you could to flip the sail earlier and still have the power to jibe around.

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    OK, I'll have a go. My expertise here is based on many, many failed gybes in pretty much the same spot, and I see some of my bad habits there.

    On the plus side, you seem to time the wave nicely and use it to power you through the first part of your gybe. Nice one.

    Things I see that are holding you back:

    You have a very upright gybing position. If you look at the vid at 49s (early in the gybe), you are bolt upright, legs straight and pulling the mast in towards you (bent arms). All the coaching materials would tell you that you need to be lower, with knees bent, front arm pushed forward and back hand further back on the boom (to help keep you sheeted in).

    You seem to look at the sail for much of the gybe, rather than the exit.

    Oh, and did you look round properly before you gybed? I didn't see you. Granted it looked like a pleasantly uncrowded day.

    Just to complicate things more, have you tried strap-to-strap gybing there? When you're well powered, and in the waves there, going strap-to-strap can allow you to get the rig whipped round (earlier) and powered up as you crank round. Then you can sort your feet out afterwards.

    Alternative views from the floor anyone?
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    Okay cool I will try the strap to strap next time I am out. Yeh watching the video I do notice I am very upright- so bend the knees and lean forward. Your idea sounds good Arf, will try that. Thanks for your help guys

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