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    Sunday 28th July

    I went to Hythe expecting the weather to be ok, but when I arrived it looked better than I thought.

    Rigged the 7.3 and 120 litre, others were maybe on smaller by the look of it but wanted to be powered.

    Was going well and a was powered up, until I heard a large bang and spun out. Realised the fin had cone out, my fault for rushing to rig up and get out. Bit annoyed at myself and was a strange attempt at sailing back in from the furthest point out without the fin.

    My mate went to rye watersports this morning and said it was good and well attended, would have been cheaper to go there and try out new kit than losing my fin to the deeps of the sea!

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    Old Hunstanton
    Disappointed but prabably as much to do with myself as the conditions.
    After checking Hunstanton & finding the sea against the wall as expected drove round to Old Hunny. A guy packing up told me his 4.5/72 wasn't quite enough so I rigged a 5.0/85 and found that barely up to the job. Mainly hard beating so not a lot of fun and any getting off the board mid-gybe to adjust harness lines/check fin etc. meant no chance of getting back to my launch point.
    So a short upwind walk followed by a longer, sweaty, one later on courtesy of the long shore drift/rip/whatever current it is that takes you where you don't want to go.
    Change up or pack up? Feck it - pack up.
    Good to see Hunstanton Lifeboat operating a shuttle service for the kiters (another inducement to pack up).

    Stopped off at Hunstanton - by now it was sailable & two wsurfers were out but no danglers as the sea was still well up the groynes so a lot more appealing.
    Nearly rigged but got the arsesies and decided to come home while the roads were quiet.
    Which they were in my direction but lummy guv you should 'ave seen 'em queuing in the Hunstanton direction!
    I still can't figure out why anyone would think it a good idea to have an ETA post midday at a popular sea-side resort, the Peak District or our local edge-of-town excuse for a 'mall'.
    But I'm glad they do as I'm going the other way as they arrive.

    No doubt had the tide allowed me to launch earlier from Hunny I'd have had a good time.

    Gawd - riding a bicycle's so much less of a faff (can I mention bicycling here?)

    Edit: While I was typing this post cj posted his so I've copied mine to here but am unable to delete my original - what a load of ****!
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    Here to share the love.

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    Went to Shoreham for an early session in the sunshine, with 6.5 and 103 which was fine for a cruise around and practising the basics. A few planing runs, although pretty marginal overall. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a bit more breeze.

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    Superb full powered blasting bump & jump off Whitehaven.
    Out for nearly 3 hours then came in knackered.
    Warm, sunny, shorty wetsuit... doesn’t get much better.

    Before going out I was getting changed in the car park with a towel wrapped around my waist. A gust came at an inopportune moment and I fumbled my grip meaning my underkeks went skipping across the car park, much to the mild amusement of others present. Thank goodness I wasn’t still wearing my wife’s panties from last night.

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    Newgale in w Wales. Couple of hours on my 90 and 5.8. Small waves big fun. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    Mull of Kintyre for me. I've never been anywhere with less wind, but never been anywhere so beautiful and empty at this time of year. Fun supping with the kids, but a day or two of wind or waves be nice too!

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    Out at Milford on Sea. Thought it was going to be a long board session but maxed on a 6.5m & 95l as took nothing smaller!!

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