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    There has been a lot of discussion going on about who should have won the final of second double elimination. Some of the riders are not happy about the way the moves are being judged and even started a petition for a re-sail of the heat. You can see the heat on continent seven

    It must be hard being a judge at the moment as unlike surfing I don't think they have the opportunity to watch a replay of the move. I remember this has happened a few times to Kiri where a lot of the riders feel he has won the heat, but the judges feel otherwise. Maybe they don’t like his style. Who would have you given it to basher?

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    Yes, I watched the split screen replay and decided I was glad I am not a judge.

    In surfing they Judge one ride at a time - and have replays to study. In windsurfing they have to watch both sailors pulling off some of their moves at the same time.

    You could argue the heats should be with each sailor going at different times - each with their own 7 minutes. But that wouldn't be fair on a gusty wind day as one sailor might get better conditions than the other.
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    Last day today and it might be a slow start as the wind is light so far.

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    Looks like a chilled end to this competition.

    Still not much wind:

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    No steady wind - so no sail offs for the tied places.

    Results as yesterday then (sorry, can post link, am on train. )

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