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    Quote Originally Posted by Proffitt View Post
    ok.. all noted... looks like i might be pretty busy!

    p.s I'm 99% sure there will be live stream.. and if you want a message board you will have to ask the PWA or the organizers! I think the reason they dont have one at the moment is (but dont qoute me) they need a moderator full time or moderators to stop people posting shite! But your best to ask them that.. i would welcome a message board as it was great last year. so feel free to send them a mail..
    I wish I were there Ben and help you with your work,

    I don't believe people will post sh!t on that board, probably they will get over excited and tell jokes but this is part of the whole story

    of course a moderator is needed to delete spam or similar stuff,

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    Quote Originally Posted by rod View Post
    4.5k views in 24hrs - Why not also experiment making an 'extra' episode - or extra length episode with a pay-per-view option? (with cheap app prices).
    I can see that your site is wordpress - you could embed it straight in with something like this
    or something like
    (...and isn't Justyna the web whizz who made that insane database of every bit of kit that was every manufactured?)
    rod, relax, we don't need this.

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    It's a nice idea Rod but the amount of people that would actually pay would be very little. Everyone expects free content.. just look at Pauls reaction! haha I suppose that's just how it is!

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    Ben, don't get me wrong, I would love to get free content but I would equally love to participate in team which will deliver this free content to others

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    You're probably right, but you could try to see...

    + you perhaps underestimate what a following you have. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    Superb stuff Ben. Thank you.

    I'm also curious as to the potential for generating a bit of cash from small payments for 'extras' (ooh, err). And surely that green wall is crying out for a bit of brand advertising?
    Eeeh 'tis grim dahn Sarf.

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