I fully understand all of what you have written. 60fps also helps create great slo-mo stuff too. But seriously, detail depends more on the light gathering ability of a sensor more than resolution. The more photosites you cram into a sensor of a given size the less light each can gather and therefor to achieve a decent output the more gain you need to apply. The effect is most apparent in poor lighting, something we often have when sailing. So just having a unit capable of a high resolution at high speed will degrade the output no matter what the marketing bods will have you believe. Why do you think in the still photography world the top end 5k cameras all have a relatively low resolution? It is the quality of the photosites, not the quantity. And when we are talking about moving images like we are here we can have a lower resolution without it being too obvious.

Personally, I would be more concerned with the quality of the content rather than the quality of the image. For instance, watching a superb film such as RIP which was shot on a mixture of film and old skool video 525 lines video. Great film even when watched on YT at the lowest rate. Some of the crap output these days in 4K really isn't a patch on it, looks great but not worth the effort to watch.