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    plastic footstraps

    I have seen blue plastic footstraps fiited to longboards like equipes etc.... i ve got feeling you could buy it on a roll and cut to length, any pointers where to get some from please, thanks

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    They used to sell it in yacht chandlers specializing in racing dinghy's not very comfortable in bare feet though ,the best ever were the old nineties rubberized straps fitted to the Mistral equipe XRs etc ,although I am told the new lightweight Dakine ones are pretty good depends on your budget and how long you want them to last.
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    The DaKine ones are good apart from the material that runs on the inside of the strap, I ended up ripping the inside covering off and it seemed to make no difference to the strap usage.
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    I ended up using the DaKine lightweight straps when I bought a good condition Equipe, but not a cheap undertaking on a longboard. Also with my big feet I had to use a bit of anti-twist trickery as the straps are not adjustable apart from a selection of holes in the end webbing, which is very prone to twisting / being floppy when you open it all out.

    I bought some plastic from either 24/7 @ Cashot or Boardwise (cannot recall whom) and used this on an earlier longboard I had with success. The watch-out there is that it won't be adjustable and comfort is in short supply, so unless you dislike skin on the top of your feet, it's boot time. So, before cutting too much, decide on your boots of choice and measure carefully before you cut and drill the holes.

    End result is that yes, I did have decent straps, but no choice of footwear!
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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonybranson View Post
    Hay nice discussion regarding plastic footstraps, thanks for sharing it really worthy for me
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    I remember seeing those blue plastic straps in the past when I raced Raceboard in the UK in the early 90's. I always thought it would be impossible to go fast with them as they would be so painful to use. Maybe I'm wrong but I always used comfy footstraps and seemed to go faster for it. For saving weight I used to try to keep my own weight down :-)

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