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    Made in Italy:
    Al360 carbon booms (see reportage).
    Tecno Limits carbon booms
    MaverX masts

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    Wel I find it interesting, I don't follow things as much as I did and was also guilty of believing North were out of Sri lanka.

    Contrary to his own beliefs, this forum isn't owned by that **** Basher, why only today I had an email from someone he'd driven away with his bollox, who remarked that after an 8 month period away he returned to find basher still omnipresent , but as I said to him without the idiot who could we argue and extract urine from, it's pretty damn quiet round here these days other wise. I just wish if he wasn't that interested he'd just do what the rest of us do and post nothing rather than act the ****...

    Ironically returning to topic, my company have just been engaged to work for Boards & More on their bike division, funny how things go round..

    And Patrick Diethelm and the F2 lot that were, are running a brand called Air Inside that i did make the mistake of believing were inflatable boards..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capie View Post
    Whilst sitting on a long conference call, I put this together:

    Board Shapers

    Angulo - Ed Angulo, Peter Bijl and Jesus ;-)
    Fanatic - Sebastian Wenzel
    F2 - was Daniel Aeberli (now with Fanatic)
    Goya - Francisco Goya (and perhaps Keith Teboul?)
    JP Australia - Werner Gnigler
    Mistral - Gianni Valdambrini and Chris Lockwood
    Naish - ? Not sure who's taken over from Harold Iggy
    Quatro - Keith Teboul
    RRD - Roberto Ricci
    Starboard - Remi Vila, Tiesda You, Jean Louis Colmas
    Tabou - Fabian Vollenweider
    Thommen - Peter Thommen

    Sail Designers
    Ezzy - David Ezzy (ex North)
    Gaastra - Peter Munzlinger (ex North, Yes, Point 7)
    Goya - Jason Diffin (ex North, Ezzy, Simmer)
    North - Kai Hopf
    Loft Sails - Monty Spindler (ex Neil Pryde, North, ART)
    Maui Sails - Barry Spanier
    Neil Pryde - Robert Stroj and Neil Pryde Design Centre
    Point 7 - ?
    Sailworks - Bruce Peterson
    Severne - Ben Severne
    Simmer - ?
    Tushingham - Ken Black
    Naish boards are Randy Naish, sails Nils Rosenblad and Simmer sails are designed by Thomas Persson

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    I wasn't saying this wasn't interesting - some of it is to me, if it's not just about looking back.

    I was querying what was being asked.
    The thread title asks who is who but the opening posts seemed to be about where things are made.

    It would be good if we could get away from the 'is windsurfing dying' type threads the negative types seem to love.

    Otherwise, all good.
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    Blank space

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    I'd like to get away from "rider" threads that are 90% marketing and promotional cut and pastes... but as its a free world and a free forum - I'm happy to live and let live.

    I like the thread, its good to know who the people behind the products are - i.e. who's who in the zoo.

    I don't know much about boards but have a sail addiction...

    Aerotech - US, don't know the designer
    Avanti - Dan Kaseler, new onto the market (the brand, not the designer)
    Bull - Spanish, don't know the designer
    Challenge - Cesare Cantagalli, italian brand, shares R&D with point 7
    Demon sails - Matthew Burrage (also 5-Oceans)
    Ka - Martin Love, australian brand
    Hot sails maui - Jeffery Henderson and Tom Hammerton
    Windwind - US, used to be Bill Hansen - don't know who now.
    XO - ?
    Gun - Renato Morlotti

    Vandal = Gaastra

    There are a few others but I'm reining myself in...
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    Well don't rein yourself in, some of us are interested.

    What's always quite amusing when these threads come up is the amount of movement around the industry.

    Barry Spanier originally being Maui Sails - Neil Pryde - Gaastra and then re-establishing Maui Sails

    Nils Rosenblad - Neil Pryde before Naish

    Dan Kaseler - Rushwind - Naish - Gaastra - Vandal - Avanti

    Got an opinion? Great. Guess what, so's everyone else!

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    Dan Kaseler (apologies for previous spelling Mr Kaseler, now corrected) is a bit of an idol I'm afraid - hope he's not reading this, he'll think I'm a stalker... Well him and JB...

    Rude to forget RRD sails I suppose (but I believe they are tag ons from another brand, won't say who because I don't know for sure)

    And then there the other UK makers:
    RB sails, Ian Ross
    Lodey, ?
    SD sails, i suppose of old... Simon Dawkins Tradewinds

    Although I believe all of those are no longer actively producing sails - but I'm happy to be corrected - most of them have found more lucrative avenues.

    North wave sails - US, the gorge, long standing custom sails, Blake Richards?
    Rushwind - faceless
    Yes sails - faceless

    I'm sure I know of others but my brain is running low on juice and its looking windy.

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