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    I was one of the hundred at Hayling as well. 5.5 and 104l fsw. had a great time but was struggling to find the sweet spot with my harness line position and stance. need to play around with the positions a bit more I suppose (I do use a seat harness so I'm not sure it that helps or hinders on that kit?). Did a few jumps, made it round one gybe, and 3 tacks so quite pleased with myself.

    Saw the slalom guys going round their course, it was tempting to rig my 7m and futura and have a go myself, I need to get a bit better first i think though, as they looked pretty good!
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    Went to WWWC and had an awesome afternoon predominantly sailing the trench with a few locals (and it was only a few!) and the UKs best freestylers, who were inspirational to watch and be around (shame one of them had to behave like an arse and expect the world to sail over 100m away from him, the rest were fine, even whilst sailing their rounds)

    5.4 Boxer on the Witchcraft. Shame the waves didn't bother to show up but a top windy, sunny day and the first outing for the new summer suit (see report in Equipment).
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    Was down in croyde with the family and friends.
    Managed to sneak off for a couple of hours on Saturday morning at Saunton which was at least sunny if bolt onshore and not too windy.
    Rigged the rrd fsw 90 and severne s1 5.3 which worked like a charm. Very impressed with the sail given it wasn't classic surf sailing conditions.
    Managed to get upwind and into the larger breakers but wind was a struggle to find in amongst the 3 to 4 foot swell, so never got out the back proper.

    Wind dropped at lunchtime but I'd had enough so returned to parental duties.
    Sunday was good fun surfing at croyde and woolacombe on the longboard and fish, albeit a bit windy still.
    Monday however was superb. No wind, lovely sunshine and a long period swell rolling in.
    Managed a sup session with the wife on her boogie board at woolacombe in the morning and then an endless stream of long boarding at Saunton in the afternoon.
    So good we stuck it out till 7 to avoid the traffic.

    Best may bank holiday ever?
    Well, I got both the sprogs out catching waves with them on the long board, so hell yeah!

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