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    Monday 8th April 2013

    Kimmeridge for a disastrous session. Wave 99 and the 5 Oceans 6.5m and there still wasn't enough wind. By the time I have decided to give up I was knackered and couldn't get going again, couldn't get in so drifted into the bay. Signalled for help and the range boat came out and called the coast guard helicopter, whoops. Big thank you to Claude Waite who came out on his SUP and swapped, so I could paddle in and he could get my kit in. Helicopter avoided thankfully. Left Rod there about to try his hand with the mini tanker.
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    5.0m, cross off and waist to chest @ newgale
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    Phew, Duncan ... as you say - whoops ...

    So you couldn't swim the kit back ? How did Clyde (rather than 'Claude', no ?) get back ? did you have an uphaul on the rig ? or did he manage to waterstart ?

    Anyway, glad to hear that you're OK. Perhaps you'd like to contribute to this thread ?
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    Got to Kbay late in the day just in time to meet Rod and Neil as they walked in after the wind dying. Went surfing and had a great time. Chest to head high, decent period and gentle take off before the wave steepened up. Easy surfing.

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    Skunked on the tanker. Wind dropped to a few knots wobbled out fell in up hauled wobbled back. Doable but not much fun. Nice waves. . Nice seeing Neil again though. Seems like there was wind around 1, Clyde and Neil had a decent hour on yellows. Duncan you needed to walk waaay upwind to launch. More wind and the drifting downwind isn't a problem. a blog about looping

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