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    Quote Originally Posted by mark62 View Post
    Has any one tried the wider US 2015 as yet?
    No, but I wonder if it's worthwhile going that wide now that the Futura range has been updated with new models?

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    The overall trend now ( at least within the Starboard range) seems to be to go wider at the front straps but narrower at the tail. This all started with the IS 110 as a replacement for the 122/121 I think albeit that also saw a reduction in volume. The theory is that the extra width aids earlier planing whilst the narrower tail improves speed and control once planing and makes gybing better. If the 110 is a guide it does however mean using a smaller fin than you might think and not using a sailing style that relies on volume in the tail. I think there is also a limit to how far you go with this design theory before you throw the baby out with the bath water. My best guess is that the additional width at the straps will benefit heavier riders most.

    I have covered some of this ground before, but to repeat the salient part, I have the IS 107 at 68.5 wide and the IS 110 at 75 wide ( the replacement for the more standard 120l /75cm wide predecessors). The IS 107 is an absolute dream in almost any conditions and relatively easy to tune, but the IS 110 has taken me virtually a complete season to get to grips with. Mast foot position is even more critical than my other slalom boards, as is fin profile and sail set up. Get it right and the design brief does work.....i.e. same early planing and floatability as a board with much more volume but with the speed and control and gybing of a board much smaller.

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    I certainly like my 2015 isonic 130.

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