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Thread: Car Hire Fuerte

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    Car Hire Fuerte

    Hey Guys,

    After a quality trip to tenerife im hoping to go to fuerte for a month over the summer, most probably august and maybe into september depending on funds.

    The only draw back is car hire, the providers which I have found only hire to over 21's... Ill be 20 by the time I go, however does anyone who is on the younger side know any solutions?!

    Id love the flexibility of being able to travel and from what I gather its pretty essential.

    PS, is anyone else planning on anything similar over the summer??


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    I always use,
    The cars are old, but come with a roof rack and they dont mind surfers using them !
    If you email Gerard and sweet talk him and offer cash I think he hopefully sort you out. Particularly if you do it sooner as they will be busy then.
    Good Luck

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