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Thread: Friday 15 March

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    Friday 15 March

    drove to camber at 3:30, onshore white gnarly mess with snow on the beach, was about to go home defeated, but thought I'd drive to sam's for a cup of coffee, then stopped in at pirates along the way.
    Cross off, 3-10mph, but I walked down to waters edge and thought 'thats 4.2 wind there, 10 feet off the shore'.

    And it was :-)

    4.2 + quad 72, fully lit, cross off, nice frontside racing down the line on little 1.5ft waves, and some high jumps and a loop when the bigger ramps appeared. Body warm, 5 mins of hot hands, then all comfy. Could have done another hour but the earth got in the way of the sun.

    Really had to force myself to get suited up, but it became clear to me why its never a mistake doing that after stepping on the board and planing off the beach. Feel awesome again!
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    Awesome, finally back in the water, stoked for you!!!!
    Waiting for summer....

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    First session of the year at Hunstanton. 5.3 and freestyle board.

    Water was bloody cold, but air wasn't too bad. Made my first Grubby (albeit pretty wet) so that was a positive. Managed about 1.5 hours before the cold got the better of me.

    One other out.

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    Overcombe was fun. 1.30-4.30pm with no break.

    The super low tide meant waves breaking a long way out on sandbars a few hundred metres of the beach. Very rare. Only waist to shoulder high but good enough for some frontside turns and a few loops.
    The wind was a bit iffy some of the time and I was on a 5.8 but could have been on smaller by the end of the session.

    No gloves and plenty warm enough. a blog about looping

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    Tides all wrong here. Several people looked at it at Shoreham but I didn't see anyone actually on the water.
    Tried to go to Lancing but the seafront road was blocked for some reason.

    At Shoreham, there were waves, but the tide was still too high, even at 4pm, and you just knew you'd get rinsed.
    The wind was also too onshore by late afternoon.
    Worst of all, the windchill was biting. Too cold for me anyway.

    Windsurfing should be fun, right?

    Maybe others went out for a late session as the tide fell. If so, good on them for going for it.

    (Maybe I'm going soft after 60 sessions this year already – in rather warmer conditions. I think it's gonna take sunshine and air temperatures over 10 degrees before I sail in the UK. I'm guessing I'm in the majority in that view.)
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    Branksome Dene Chine from 3 to 5. Arrived to a lot of derrigging due to a lull. Went 5.3 and Chakra 105. Ended up stacked out the back, under powered on the inside with some pokey chest high waves. Was a bit messy and getting out was awkward,with confused chop out the back but the Chakra sucked it all up. Good to be back out after 3 weeks off the water due to holidays and rubbish winds.

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    Pett Level, 4.30 with tide on the drop and with more cross than on, nice little waves rolling in some off them shoulder high with a nice bit of flat between them. 4.7 and 85 twin was perfect for me and my 84k of winter fat.
    still in gloves boots and hood, so not cold with that lot on.
    Only me and Chris out with one kiter in his onesy.
    loved being back on the water, it's been a long time, last sail I had was between xmas and new year, more please.

    currently an occasional lurker
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