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    Thanks for the tips guys.

    A mate who kitesurfs in anglesay has invited me down there for the weekend in late april. I'd really like to go but last time was a bit of a disaster, spent about 20min sailing and 2 hrs swimming! thinking about it i'm sure your right about the width of the board making it difficult to uphaul, the damn thing was like a bucking bronco!!

    I'll try and get some practice in the meantime, but these temperatures aren't tempting me out!

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    When it warms up it the time to practice. At first just do lots of falling in backwards at low speed with the rig still flying then waterstart back up straight away. Using this method you learn the getting up bit without all that getting knackered swimming and flying the rig bit. Do a shed load of these and you will soon be more confident. Best tip to save a lot of the kicking is to keep the rig low and then when you are ready push the rig up and yourself all in one clean move. Keeping the rig low allows you to build momentum to draw yourself up.

    Take a look around the forums for other waterstarting threads. There are so many of them it is probably not worth repeating in this one. Grumpf gives some great little snippets.
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