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    The problem with most bases is you can't see the wear in much of the mechanism. Hence I only trust something reputable. The great thing about the chinook tendons is that because you can see so much of it and some of it is milled out of one piece of metal there's less to break. And unlike a Boge it's easy to unscrew and check the tendon too. On a Boge you can't see how the thread is wearing. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    I don't think the UJ that failed on Pete would have had any noticeable signs on inspection basher yet second outing it failed. That died in a different way to the earlier model with the iffy plastic plug.

    In the case of the plastic plug that is still used but in a bigger form. Take a look and you will notice that all that maces up the "bearing" on bases from that factory is the plastic plug slotting I to a groove at the bottom of the UJ. Not exactly much holding the shebang together. Tendons and mechanical joints from that factory all are secured at the bottom by the same style of fixing.
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