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    That forecast has only just popped up not sure I would trust it yet - could be gone on the next run.

    Equally Fuerte could pep up a bit - on the 6pm run Wed late pm and Thurs am look ok for Punta/5.5 and when the wind goes properly E the local view is you can't see it / the strength on Windguru (see Thurs) - E = Majanicho. a blog about looping

    UPDATED 31 Dec 2012
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    Indeed GFS has flipped again - Fuerte now looking sailable Weds+Thurs and maybe Friday, if the more E'ly direction does blow through stronger than forecast, and Moulay = nuke. I'm going to wait until the forecast firms up before booking. If flights are extortionate or unavailable then it's looking possible for some UK wavesailing later in the week. This bl**dy snow had better not cause any travel disruption.
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