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    I have been having a go at these for a while with some success. I would say over rotating and landing on your back is better than under rotating.
    I have under rotated and landed on my kit a few times and have managed not to go through my sail or hitting anything hard by keeping hold of the boom and pushing away as you hit the water but it hurts your wrists doing that. The other option is going with it but you will go through your sail pretty easily.
    You really have to commit to it. When I first started, my mast used to hit the wave as I started the rotation too soon. You have to wait half a second.
    I only go for them if I am quite well powered up and there is a decent angle to the wave i.e more sideshore and I know I am going to get enough height from the ramp.
    You must keep you front arm close to your body-that will stop a wild rotation.
    Once you land on your back a few times you start getting used to the rotation and can start building technique from then..
    I only used to try them towards the end of a session as I was worried about hurting myself or my kit and ruining a days sailing so it took me a while to start to feel comfortable.
    At first my legs used to go weak at the thought of it but you soon get over it.

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    I started trying pushies the last few sessions before the wind disappeared, a few felt awesome and clean and totally safe, but I am doing little low wussy ones. One attempt was higher and I felt real fear halfway through, I think it was because I carried lots of toward speed and under rotated - thought the nose would get stuck in the water and my ankles would twist. I held on in the end and it was ok, the nose just cleared the water, and I fell on the sail, skinned my knuckle on the sail.

    I always crash everything, and all the loops feel like you can't go wrong crashing them, pushies give a definite sense that things can go really wrong. Also they are more disorientating because of the way you rotate and sometime I lose track of where I am in the air, which is scary when flying backwards fast, upside down.. Managed to always hang on, I think bailing would be disastrous under those circumstances.
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    Your right mate

    Just want to get back out there..I bet the next windy day will be a port tack day. Never tried them on port!

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    Talking of Ben he does a great tweaked pushy in this vid, before his injury obviously -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Distinctly Average View Post
    Talking of Ben he does a great tweaked pushy in this vid, before his injury obviously -
    That is a brilliant pushloop. I didn't realise it was possible to do them like that - they always seemed to require a lot more height.

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    I saw your video very nice and completely helpful.

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