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Thread: The 40kt Club

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    I hear what you're saying Phil & Simon and i don't disagree with you that the iSonic W49 is a fast board, far from it as there's been some awesome speed's set with the W49, just that i didn't get on with it and found it hard to sail, whereas with the Mistral Speed i found to be a lot easier to sail, especially in the rolling chop at West Kirby and i was just sharing my experience with the W49. I also agree that it's all about confidence and the right conditions when speedsailing but having a board that's easy to sail gives you the confidence to push your limits

    I've also heard the Moo's and Carbon Arts are also easy to sail speedboards. The W49 was released in 2009 so is a 4-5 year old design, so that's why i suggested that Duncan tries out other speedboards to see if another board felt more comfortable and easier to sail for him as designs have moved on and got better i would have thought with the newer speedboards that are available.

    Wasn't meant to be a pimp either. i didn't intend it to be so apologies to people who thought it was

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    Hi Alastair,

    I think it isnt so much the board design that has evolved into the top speeds we are getting today. IMO it's more about the way fins perform. C3 changed the game. I use a 55 wide board that is nearly 15 years old and had nigh on 43 knots a few weeks ago. I was using a 27 vector fin which felt solid as a rock. I tried some of my older fins and they felt lacking to put it lightly.

    Just make sure you don't have too small a fin for the tail width.

    No worries if you were pimping mate. Look at your sig lol. Your'e great at promoting kit, so good on you.

    Hope your knee gets better soon.

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    Fins are defo key to going comfortably fast, and the fins are still getting quicker.

    40k gusts also help West Kirby is not getting too many of those these days c/w past years

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