Want to try the latest watersports cameras before you buy? Tech Trial offers you this very opportunity…
Tech. Try. Buy. That is what Tech Trial UK Ltd is all about. Offering a range of products from mobile phones and tablets to audio equipment and cameras, they have a wide portfolio of items to purchase or, in the case of a unique item, a try before you buy service with a noncommital difference… So why not try an iPad, GoPro* Camera or new 41 megapixel Nokia phone for 21 days today? Check out what’s available for trial at*http://www.techtrial.co.uk/trial-products.php
Action cameras include the renowned GoPro HD Hero 2, Contour and most recently and excitedly the new Drift HD POV Cameras.
Training hard in Australia

Drift Cameras were created with innovation in mind -*In the range is the full 1080p HD model and, very well priced, Drift 720 HD model. Both benefit from a range of key features out of the box, first and foremost, the unit itself has an LCD screen which not only gives the user the ability to see what they are pointing at, but also review the footage and photos at any time – or even play it straight onto a TV via the available HDMI connection! With this unique camera you get, as standard, 2 adhesive sticky mounts (1 helmet, 1 flat surface), a goggle mount and even a remote control start/stop that works from a 5 meter range and sits right on your wrist … or wherever you need it for that matter!
The best thing about the new, compact, lightweight Drift HD720 action camera, is that it contains all of the great Drift signature features high definition video, integrated LCD screen, remote control, rotatable lens, Drift mounting system and is extremely affordable.
720P HD video @ 30 or 25 fps
Same compact housing, 4.1

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