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Thread: Speed vs slalom

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    Speed vs slalom

    I was a bit surprised last summer when I brought a small slalomboard to Karpathos, here is the story:

    Anyway, since you have WK in England, is it the same there?

    I have only been at WK once and then we did not have the best angle. It seems to be short and needs good entry speed..
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    Sure, a little wider gives you a good jibe, and more important, a high gliding speed in the wind lulls, so you don't have to accelerate as much to hit your top speeds. A narrower board might give you more ultimate top speeds, but it slows down in lulls leading to timing traps, and you have to pick up the speed again just to get a decent time. In gusty winds, wider board win. In steady overpowering winds and FLAT waters, narrower often wins.

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    Hi, earlier this year, I did a comparison between my Is101 (63.5cm wide) and JP Slalom 67 litre board (54 wide) using a 5.7 North RAM (max out) in Portland Harbour. In terms of 10s runs, the Is101 was quicker 35.9 kts vs the JP 35.7 kts

    I now have North WARPs and changed the JP for an Is87 - only been speed sailing once since, but managed a 10s of 36.4 kts, so I agree, bigger can also be faster

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