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    Perhaps try some loops...? A good way to start learning something... a blog about looping

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    Quote Originally Posted by rod View Post
    Perhaps try some loops...? A good way to start learning something...
    True. Just throw yourself into some, it really doesn't hurt as much as people say. Well, most of the time. I'm still learning myself, so can't comment any more than that.

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    From that video I would say that you're easily at the level you could learn to loop. I don't know if you sail at the coast or in waves? For me flat water loops are still pretty tricky even though I can loop off small to medium size wave fairly regularly. Maybe go on a weeks holiday somewhere with suitable conditions and get some coaching. That's all it would take to learn them.

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    Thanks guys. I'm at step 3 of wymaroos. The problem is that it's hard for me to leap at mid jibe, it takes a lot of speed.

    Cob1, finding good ramps being nicely powered is my number 1 issue. A lot of times the wind is gusty and makes sail handling difficult, just planing around is difficult, it doesn't show on the videos.

    I was having some doubt about ever learning them given the conditions I sail in. That said there's a lake I go to which has huge swell, it should help immensely with getting to clear the fin each time.

    It helps to get some support, most of the time I'm pretty much by myself out there.

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    Just started going for loops myself. However if I was sailing in flat water I don't think I'd have got the height to go for it. Find some waves or decent chop. knee to waist high.

    The key for me was that I felt safe and confident close to shore, so if anything went wrong I could easily sort myself out and I was determined to just do it!
    I keep hearing that the reason kids learn so quickly is because they have less concern for their own safety. I decided the only way to do it was just go for it! I also had a day with Ant Baker last year who gave me a few good pointers.

    My technique was as follows:-

    Spot the ramp
    Bear off the wind and sheet out a little to maintain the same speed.
    Hit the ramp off the wind and jump by sheeting in and springing the legs
    Don't drop low, keep high over your feet.
    Back hand way down the boom and sheet in hard! don't stop!
    tuck your feet up under you and hold on. do not let go! hold your nerve.

    I found that there is more chance of hurting yourself if you bottle it and let go. You've just got to hang on! The move is all or nothing, you have to fully commit.

    I also spent quite a while just sailing along and sheeting in hard and catapulting without the board. this helps to get a feel for the rotation. I highly recommend doing this.

    You've just got to commit and go for it.

    Good luck
    I need more time to windsurf! work sucks!

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