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Thread: Wed 2nd May

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    Default Wed 2nd May

    Marginal session at Wells, 2.30-5pm

    Freestyle kit and 5.9. Planing maybe 2/3rds of the time. Just needed another couple of knots and it would have been great. Managed to get a couple of landed Vulcans on my new gopro cam, shame there wasnt enough wind for decent spock/flaka attempts.

    4 out in total, one guy on an 8m seemed to be flying. Looking at XCweather Old Hunstanton may have been a better option as it looked a bit windier there.

    Sunny and a bit warmer than it has been, though still needed the hood as the water is still cold. Looking like the last session for a while.

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    Great aftenoon at Fraisthorpe, arrived just as Chris and Paul were leaving, and very cheerfully telling me I should have been there earlier. Hopefully was just as good later, 20 knots x shore, sunny and small but quite neat waves, never more than waist high but ok for a bit of riding - nice change after the craxy weekend conditions! Perfect on Goya 85 and 5.2. Kept meaning to have 'one last run' but it kept getting better as the tide went out so ended up completely knackered after 3 hours. Just me and 4 kites, excellent afternoon Some good waves forecast for the weekend, long period swell rolling into Scarbados this morning, hoping for wind to go with it...

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