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    Default Looking for Info On Arrows Maxx sail

    I've never owned a sail with so little written about it....

    Just got real cheap, an Arrows Maxx sail. I think it is from early 2000's. It has 3 cams. The bottom 2 are either end of the boom cutout and have no zip. The top cam has a zip.

    What I really want to know it rigged like older North sails with mast up the sleeve on top of cams / light DH / max OH / pop cams on / max DH....or is it rigged like older Gaastra sails with mast through the cams.

    It was being used with a North dropshape 510 mast, which may be a pointer. I always thought Arrows and North were associated.



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    Don't think Arrows and North ever had any association. Arrows were the "in-house" sail brand of F2 for a number of years. Willem Blauw (can't remember the exact spelling!) became their designer and they turned out some nice designs but never really seemed to be substantially built.

    Ant Baker was their R&D man for years, Skyeboy sailed on them for years and Goya won his world title using Arrows Impact wave sails.
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    You can usually rig all sails by pushing the mast up through the cams, it`s a bit brutal but can save time.
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