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    Default RIP my RRD - Close up

    Okay so thought I would start a new thread so as not to piss off the forum police...

    As requested I have taken some close ups of the make up of the board around the break but still only with my mobile so not great.

    As IainO stated the lay up just seems to be a polystyrene foam core which on the underside of the board had a 1.5cm thick rigid foam layer plus fibreglass layers then external finish. Whereas on the rails and topside there is a thinner rigid foam layer/ fibreglass layers then an additional layer of carbon fibre then external finish.

    All seems to my untrained eye to be in order, no discolouration of the foam which would possibly point to moisture ingress and the layers all seem to be stuck together properly except where snap occurred but imagine this happened when the board snapped rather than before.

    So really the mind boggles as to why it broke when it was pretty tame conditions and not exactly extreme jumping/moves.
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    unlucky with your board how old is your board? One reason for the break could be a heavy landing on a previous outing causing a fracture which then broke on your next outing.
    You can get that fixed not problem but would cost a few bob. Cheaper than buying a new board anyway!

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    What board is it ? The other week there were two pieces of a RRD twin dumped in the rubbish bins at Cabezo beach. Looked like it had snapped in half like yours. It was a particularly depressing sight for me as I bought one (the 82) a few months ago to replace my Mistral 84 twin which had de-laminated.

    I have heard some stories of RRDs snapping, but the one I have is a 2011 and the construction is supposed to have been beefed up from the original version. I don't jump it hard and anyway it survived several months of OTC's rental clients.

    My wife has a WaveCult from I think 2005 which used to be my board and is going strong.
    two boards, five fins, y posiblemente un poco de viento esta semana
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    The Board is a 2008 RRD FSW LTD 95 Litre and I bought it new in 2009 so only 3 years old.

    To be honest not sure I would get it fixed (might check to see how much it costs) but would never quite trust/feel comfortable sailing it knowing it had broken in half

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    Soled out are you sure the underside sandwich is 1.5cm. That is mighty thick for a sandwich. Hard to tell thicknesses from your pics.

    It might be nice if someone from RRD came on here and explained why so many of their boards snap. I think it is really lamentable that boards continue to be made that are clearly not fit for purpose. (jumping on the S coast is hardly hardcore use). a blog about looping

    UPDATED 31 Dec 2012
    Bumper Christmas

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    Rod - to be fair I did not measure the thickness of the foam to the underside but it was definitely thicker than that around the rails and top of board. Will have a proper look tonight if I get the chance.

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    3 year old board breaks? is that really that uncommon? construction looks reasonable and it does even look like they put carbon where they said rather than a black tint on the epoxy to look carbon when sanded back, not that any one pulls tricks like that….

    putting pics up of Od model RRDs and then saying that new ones are still built unfit for purpose is like taking an old ford escort and wondering why it failed to get 5 stars on a Euro NCAP crash test and assuming that a Focus will behave the same in a crash.

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