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    Tough call... being closer to Devon for surfing would swing it for me!!!
    Waiting for summer....

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    Thanks guys,
    We'll see what the future brings with the wife's job, Cornwall or Devon is also somewhere I'd love to live, but my business's customers are around the SE and I need to get into St Thomas' Hospital in London pretty often for clinical testing, which puts anything W of Poole out. Even Poole area would mean a bloody long drive to London on the days I need to do it.

    Also, I've got it pretty sweet as far as balancing windsurfing with work goes, so should be very careful to not toy with that too much!

    I think I need to get wife to leave teaching and do something else that has a future and doesn't mean working 95 hr weeks. Problem with moving for a school job is the working circumstances change dramatically all the time, and seems to me moving to different schools every couple of years is almost a necessity.
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    Not sure where St Thomas's is but Bournemouth to North London (Enfields) a 2 hour trip with a following wind and no delays or 2.5ish if obeying the speed limit. Heathrow can be done in around an hour.

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