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Thread: moisture in van

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    I Now have a vivaro 2003.
    I have set it up with easy removeble aluminium bars.
    To ventilate the van I use 3 8mm fans.
    2 fans for moving air from the drivers compartment, and one fan in the celing in the back.
    I have a gasheater and a dehumidiator. I also have te option of using the electric
    heater combined with a 4KW power inverter. The inverter is connected to a batterybank
    consisting of 3 x 80amp batteries.
    20L watertank with pump and hoose for refreshments and equipment spraying when saltwater use.
    Can also use for camping tours or standar van. conversion takes 2-4 min when equipment is out of the van.
    In the wintertime i stash up with my kites and skiing equipment and use it when i go snowkiting.


    Gas heater 4KW
    Power inverter 4KW
    dehumidiater woods ds15
    600/1000/2000W electric heater
    3 80mm fans for ventialtion

    I have tried to use the damptraps, but its too slow drying for me, but it works.

    Here is a few pics.Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice set up od84, but your van seems to have been infested by a couple of rats!! ;-)
    Tacking is the new gybing.....

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    Yeah, if you tied the rope around the rats they wouldn't fly about in the back of the van on the way down to the fjord! :-)

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    I have to take them when my girlfriend is at work. leash? They are the guard on the van while I'm out and windsurfing: P

    Today I am happy with the layout of the van. I now run dehumidiater fans and electric heater only gas heater out (more space)

    Have any other solutions that are tried and or works better? or similar creations?

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    Back to the original post and the photos strikes me that regardless of what system is used to dehumidify and circulate air, if the van space is congested and/or closed areas created, then there will be no circulation of air. The photos show the van fully loaded and I would not think any circulation of air would occur around the sails etc stored as they are.
    I used to use my van as a permanent store for my windsurfing kit. There are obvious advantages in terms of time saving and convenience but I also use the van to transport my mountain bike and kayak, and some of the windsurfing kit has to be taken out to do get either or both in the van. I got so fed up with trying to find somewhere safe in the garage to store the surplus kit that recently I decided to invest time in creating a full board and sail racking system in the garage. Having done that, I now prefer to completely unload the van if there is no wind forecast for a few days. A completely empty van is an easy van to clean and dry out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vienosmith View Post
    That is really a great deal...thanks for sharing...
    bye.... thanks for coming

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