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Thread: Best Harness's

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    Best Harness's

    Anyone got any strong opinions on which Harness to buy,Getting back pain after windsurfing, usually a sign an old harness needs replacing.

    I've the north Airback which I like, the new one is in pink and white for men, 2 colours that sould never be in windsurfing.

    Then there's Dakine but I never found they last long witout going soft... 140

    Simmer Mayhem which I know nothing about...

    The Mystic

    This has a knob which allows the harness to be re-tensioned while sailing.

    See Video

    The Mystic Code Collection with BOA Technology Explained from Mysticboarding on Vimeo.

    I actually like the look of this, I think it would be good to be able to wack on more tension while you sail as harness's always seem to get looser when I sail.

    Be interesting to see if anybody else has this, it's the most expensive at 164.95 I like the idea there of being able to pop all the tension off in one go, say if you wanted to try a freestyle move and wanted a looser harness??

    Then there is the Flying objects which looks cool but not sure what it's like?

    Comments welcome

    ">The Mystic Code Collection with BOA Technology Explained from Mysticboarding on Vimeo.

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    Strong opinions on harnesses? Nahh, probably not..

    I think the pink/white one is rather pretty, personally.

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    Have the flying objects harness..tis comfy for sure...plenty strong so far, but found the bar rising a fair bit (thats my view). Pretty much sorted that issue by adding one of these..
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    Love the North waist harness, best harness I've used, only waist that suits me and doesn't ride up.
    Waiting for summer....

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    I looked at a few harness's last week - same reason - im getting some lower back pain.

    As ever - the general concensus is to try one on, and see which fits best.

    Another tip to determine stiffness/support is to try and compress the back, top to bottom

    BUT regardless of fit i can say:

    - The Simmer waist harness is real nice (ihave one) but quite softish

    - The T5 looks good with nice support...but has sliding hook which im not sure i want to spend money on to find out i dont like it...and im not sure how locked in the bar is...rides up?

    - The Ions seem very very well made....they do loads of models with different stifness levels. Nik Baker developed the Relay model specifically for his bad back? I think he also did the North one you list? The Radium looks awesome prob gonna buy one of these two models

    - the North also looks v solid (see remark above about Nik Baker input)...but pink...WTF?
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    Im not sure about the bar dont want the bar to ride up...but also I personally dont want a load
    of material / neoprene in front of you bulking it up. I want supportive but unobtrusive.
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    I have a simmer mayhem and its great. I currently have a sliped disk and I still managed to sail last weekend.

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