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    I take freezeframe from VLC then convert it to JPEG in Windows Live Photo Gallery so I can grade it. Personally I have never used a Gopro for photos....fixed focus, auto exposure ( in normal circumstances!) , wide lens and a sensor/processor/cpu optimised for video .......apart from fixed focus all of those are the exact opposite of what you would use for a timelapse on a DLSR. I understand the attraction though and as I said using a longer timelapse period ( e.g. 5 secs) will probably resolve the issue. Any camera has a hard time on water due to reflections on the water and often the heavy contrast between sky and water. You could also try a polarising and/or ND filter which would help even out large exposure differences.

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    Rod - I wrote a windows app to take a snapshot every x secs using VLC. Doesn't solve the resolution / clarity problem of starting with video footage but might be a solution... If you want to try it let me know and I'll package it up...

    Edit: I think ffmpeg might be able to do something similar
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    Thanks Zilched. On a mac so windoze no good. Qt can convert the video to x sec frames too. That might be the way to go, got bored a. Long time ago of watching all dull the footage I take looking for one move!

    ffmpeg looks interesting too. Not sure my unix is up to the install but might give it a go. a blog about looping

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    Quote Originally Posted by rod View Post
    ffmpeg looks interesting too. Not sure my unix is up to the install but might give it a go.

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    gopro have now released a software upgrade for the hero3 series... I haven't downloaded yet but it looks like it'll fix the exposure in short interval timelapse made:

    Fixes forced exposure lock on 0.5 and 1 second time-lapse intervals

    Click image for larger version. 

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    there's a new iphone app too.

    rod - time to upgrade? ;-)

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    What you can film with Go Pro – with a bit of editing:
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    ps one less competitor in the field now...Contour HQ shut its doors recently.

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