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    This one is going viral right now – incredible!

    Scroll down for the comments too.

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    How the smeg does he do that?

    As for the comments is it possible to add a few more cliches?
    Never trust a man who doesn't like cats. -

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    This is freestyle. What do except? A dissertation? Proust-style polemic? Marxist analysis of the Bourgeois state?

    "Wow, that is awesome!" will just have to do.

    (I'm still trying to work out what it is. LOL)

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    Amazing skill for a 14 year old:

    (Thanks to ContinentSeven for the heads up on this one.)

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    Looks like they had very little wind at windmeet this year (Lake Monteynard), but the video is still good – with some lightwind action and tow in stuff.

    (The event was in memory of Vincent Mellouet who died last year whilst windsurfing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    Pretty awesome stuff, nice to see a body drag, that's the closest I every get to any freestyle

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