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    My North sail has a small tear in the sleeve right around the batten area. What would be the best way and material to fix it? It

    I'm thinking about 'cauterizing' the tear sides with some hot metal screwdriver or similar or maybe a glue ?? and then stitching a small patch of similar material over it. Not sure what to do/or how to stitch the area that touches the batten though (right in between where the black zigzag stitching ends)?

    I also found this stuff. Not sure if it's any good?



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    Some thing as small as that will probably not get any worse if you are careful when sleeving the mast. I used Aqua Luff once as the tear was in the top third of the sleeve and the mast always wanted to go out the hole. It stayed on for around a year until I sold the sail. Not sure how succesful it would be in this case as it may not get as good bond over the batten.

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    It should be fine as it is. the tear will not run. Since its not at the front of the sleeve you are unlikely to catch it with your mast tip. catching it with the mast tip when rigging is the most likely way of making it worse and to prevent that you have to patch the sleeve from the inside which to do effectively means opening the sleeve up. Not a big job for a sailmaker.

    I would just leave it.
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    yep most of my sails have got much bigger holes in the luff tubes - no worries ... the creases in the monofilm causing splits (covered in loads of repair tape) are more worrying. Our equipment is definitely getting the lived-in/with look, but then it does get a lot of use here
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    This is how our mastsleeves look like after the Glass beach season. I think Will had been sailing around with this for months. No point in repairing it if the next day you could go on the reef again.

    When we do repair it we do it with the a patch of the same mast material and stick it on with contact adhesiv. Apply twice to both sides and let it dry for about 20 mins each time. No unstitching or stitching required. We have been doing it like this for about 2 years now and so far it stayed on fine. When you prepare the frayed bit with a hot knife or such and make sure the edge sticks well, no problems with sleeving the mast either.

    Still such a small rip, not in a position where the mast will slide along, I would leave it, as Bigfish suggests as well.

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