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    Hey all,

    I am heading off to SE Asia for a few months and was wondering if
    there is any good windsurfing (waves ideally) or surfing in Thailand (August-
    September), Cambodia (October) and Vietnam (November). I will need to find places to rent gear also.

    Any info would be much appreciated,



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    The link to Vietnam looks fntastic. Have you been there?

    Any idea if there are certain times to avoid etc...monsoons etc

    I was thinking of going somewhere jan/feb (done Margarita and Egypt) and really like the idea of this.

    Great link!!


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    Not been but I heard it's good.
    You fly to Ho Chi Minh which has got to be exciting in itself.

    As far as shortboard wind goes, Jan / Feb is one of the best times to go!
    It's much windier there than in Thailand or Singapore.

    As for Thailand, there's not much wndsurfing outside Pattaya and they use big kit there. I understand that the wind is better in Thailand before the new year, rather than after.
    They get a bit of wind as the monsoon comes in but apparently this lasts for an hour then it just rains.
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    S E Asia has the best wind during our winter. Its called the North East Monsoon.

    There can be a day of rain here and there but generally there is more wind than rain.

    The windiest place is Taiwan

    Mui Ne in Vietnam comes next followed by Thailand and Malaysia. Singapore is no good at this time.

    Boracay in the Phillipines is good too particularly during the Boracay Funboard Cup event.

    Japan of course has good wind but I havent been there because its too expensive, I dont like the food and they wont say sorry to the Malaysian "comfort" women from the last war !

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    Sounds like a real option!

    Any idea of the water conditions? My GF is just getting in harness - so flatter water would be good.

    Either way it would be great to mix windsurfing with a genuinely interesting trip.

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    Out in Cabarete this year I met a mad German, who loved his windsurfing, lived right inland so never really sailed at home / Europe but did a fair bit of travelling, month or so in Cabarete every year and then this place in Vietnam
    he was there in December and said shore dump was very big and hard to get out, though showed him a youtube clip of here and he said it was similar.

    Couple of others also talked about it, but in more dismal terms, water being foul, dead animals / bodies etc (all a bit cliche I thought), but Mr Fritz thought it was great, and he was not your average Groove Rider / Lake Garda sailor.
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