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Thread: VAN MPGs

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    Just thinking of making the switch to a van which would then be my main vehicle for commuting etc..

    But speaking to many dealer they all seem a little reluctant to provide any fuel economy figures, the general line is "oh they don't produce them for LGV's".

    So my question is :- could any of you guys that run vans give me some idea what the typical running costs are likely to be.

    The vans I'm interested in are these although other figures may be useful

    • Renault Traffic / Vauxhall Vivaro VW transporter (03+) Toyota Hiace Citreon Relay Nissan Primastar
    So far then I have :-

    • Renault Traffic = 35 mpg VW T4 2.5d = 37 - 40 mpg VW T4 2.4d = 38 - 46 mpg VW T5 (174) = 35mpg (around town) & 40mpg+ (on a run) Toyota Hiace (old engine) = 30 mpg Toyota Hiace D4D = 40mpg
    Other useful info raised within this thread (for those that don't want to read on).
    Quote Originally Posted by phil104
    Van Drivers ... Many van drivers get caught out because they do not know the law. Make sure you know the national speed limits that your vehicle is restricted to
    [*]If your van has a maximum laden weight (Gross Vehicle Weight) of over 2 tonnes (2020kg) then you are restricted to lower speed limits on single carriageways and dual carriageways.

    If your van or goods vehicle has a maximum laden weight (Gross Vehicle Weight) of over 7.5 tonnes (7500kg) you are also restricted to lower speed limits on motorways Below are some examples of speed limits for vans, however, you should check the Gross Vehicle Weight and plated weight of your van/goods vehicle. Vans

    Type of vehicle

    Built-up area Single carriageway Dual carriageway Motorway Transit Type Van 30 50 60 70* Luton Type Van 30 50 60 70* Astra Type Van 30 60 70 70 Motorway note: *60 if articulated or towing a trailer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Windseeker
    A T5 Kombi or Window Van, is classed as a "car" on its registration documents. This allows it to be driven at the same speed limits as cars despite being the same shape and size and carrying capacity as its sister van.

    It's not just the windows but the fact that there are OEM seats with belts fitted thereby making it a "passenger vehicle" or "dual purpose vehicle".

    I'm not sure where a van-with-windows sits in this scale. If they are fittted at manufacture and it has seats (or seat fixings) then you may be able to tax it as a car but if it's essentially a van that has had windows added to it, it probably has to stay a van.

    This subject was debated at length on the Brickyard with some knowledgeable input: amp; amp; amp; amp; amp;KW=van+speed+limit&TPN=1

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    I've got a 1999 2446cc Diesel Hiace, and I dont seem to get better than 30 mpg combined.
    I know the new engine (D4D) is meant to do over 40mpg, but I'd be interested what other people got from their Hiaces.

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    try what van just google their website

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    I have an 01 T4 2.5TDi, and I calculate the MPG every time I fill up. The results since Feb have been: -














    Hope this helps

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    My OLDER T4 (2.4D) is approx 60l tank, and returns between 500-600 miles to the tank. Would possibly go further but I always put fuel back in before it's actually empty.

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    Got a 2.5 TDi VW T4 102bhp LWB, seem to get between 37 and 40 mpg...

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    I average about 35mpg with a T5 174, mostly commuting through town traffic.

    On a long run I can get well over 40mpg.

    On a three week holiday I averaged 39mpg.

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